The Build

The healing centre property has been a sacred site since the 1910s. It is what we would believe to be a spiritual gate for the Mountains. It has around 4 million people pass by the site every year by car or train. It’s always been in our heart to have a specialist facility – a spiritual hospital for broken-hearted people. The church of Jesus Christ is in transition and needs to address the needs of society. Jesus said I’ve come to heal the brokenhearted. We are seeking the brokenhearted and we are seeking those who want to minister to the brokenhearted – so it’s twofold.

The task is to bring healing to the point where those people can be equipped and released into their destiny. The building will be a place where you come to do a Restore week and have personal ministry. Most people we meet are dysfunctional, so the world is dysfunctional and we believe the church of Jesus Christ brings the miraculous to dysfunction. It’s a matter of bringing the purpose of God to dis-functionality and then to equip and release people to their destiny without a time limit on the person.

The church has grown organically and we have realised we are going to need a building that can facilitate the dual use of a healing centre for broken-hearted people and also a congregation. We are fully a ministry – we are also fully a church. Two rivers running alongside one another.

The healing centre development application was approved in 2011. We envisage starting the build within the next couple of years and once completed we hope to see our two rivers: The Spiritual Healing Centre and The Father’s House church running out of the building.

We always have known what’s really been missing for those who are suffering emotionally has been the practical side of working with their hands and getting their hands in the earth, doing something during the time when they’re not participating in a program. The healing components are made up by having programs where there’s intense prayer shared, there’s shared work together and there’s shared study of the word of God together.