Sundays 5.00pm

Fridays 7.30pm – Acoustic worship

44 Wilson Street Lawson (The Old Golf Club)


We began as a ministry and people stayed. We ministered to people they liked what we were doing and felt called to do the same thing. They stayed with us and a church evolved. 5 years down the track into that…we thought, we have a church we don’t know what to do! We said to God we don’t know how to do this. He said, I know you don’t but I do and I’ll show you how. God told us we were to build a church like a lounge room. We don’t want people to doubt that we are a church. It’s been an organic process. We’ve evolved into a church but we are a church that ministers in the prophetic. When God got hold of us in 1978 it’s been like a Saul experience; we have never looked back.


Expect to experience exuberant praise and a sense of Gods presence. You will see the spiritual gifts in operation, inspirational preaching and an opportunity for personal prayer. The Fathers House is edgy, because we’ve experienced a lot of life. We’re not judgmental of people who are struggling.
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The Men’s Group at The Fathers House meets to help men encounter God through shared experience, prayer and worship. We look to support each other in our walk, as a husband, father and child of God through prayer, practical and emotional support. Our aim is to encounter God and His purpose for our lives and for us as a group.
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One of my deep passions is the connection between the Old and New Testaments. Of discovering the underlying, hidden truths that the Father invites us to find through His Word, His Son, Jesus. Proverbs 25:2 tells us, “It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter. But the glory of kings to search out a matter.”
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We are looking for the sound of Heaven and the sound that brings Heaven. Worship is at the very heart of The Father’s House – it all comes from our corporate worship and our individual worship. Several times God has asked us to seek the sound of Heaven. The Bible says many times to “sing to the Lord a new song”.
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