Sundays 5.00pm
44 Wilson Street Lawson (The Old Golf Club)


Expect to experience exuberant praise and a sense of Gods presence. You will see the spiritual gifts in operation, inspirational preaching and an opportunity for personal prayer. The Fathers House is edgy, because we’ve experienced a lot of life. We’re not judgmental of people who are struggling. The message here is really great but the underlying unspoken message is wonderful. God plants the people he wants, the right fragrance, the right gifts and the right fruit. Our task is to not stand in anyone’s way in reaching their destiny, we expect people to stand on our shoulders so they can see further. There is personal ministry available. Anyone anytime can receive prayer.



The Fathers House receive communion together weekly as we do this in memory of Him!



Fridays 7.30pm
Blue Mountains Outpouring


We have just returned from touring the revival sites in Wales and Ireland….Frankly we were challenged and inspired. In Moriah Chapel in Wales, we sat on the bench where Evan Roberts cried out….’bend me bend, me, bend the church’ and within 6 months 100,000 souls were added to the church in the next six months. All this happened in South Wales. The reality is that we are New South Wales! Could it happen here?


Our response to what we feel God is saying to us is to launch ‘The Blue Mountains Outpouring.’ It will be held every Friday Evening from 7.30pm.


Come join us as we cry out for revival :
• Personal


“I have reached out and touched the fire and now I’m burning” Evan Roberts 1904