Healing Children


This wasn’t something we sought, it all started when we prayed for a boy who was brain damaged after having drowned and God healed him. That was the beginning of the connection we have with children. They come and look at Stephen and they lock eyes. They don’t take their eyes off his eyes; they see the stillness of God in him.


We are called The Fathers House, God gave us that name and we have a love for children and so we pray for them. When children come for prayer I feel God’s love leave me. Children have no barriers, no religion, they have no preconceived ideas about what things can’t happen, there’s a simple faith – even in broken children. When you pray for children the younger the child the easier, when you speak to them in the womb in breach position, they turn around! Where there are really dysfunctional children in the family it affects the whole family. The family spend years worrying about what will that child do when the parents are older and can’t look after the child – there’s tremendous stress on everyone. The other children in the family can feel overwhelmed or be overlooked because of all the focus on the dysfunctional child. There can be violence and screaming and tremendous stressful disruption.


This is a very important ministry of The Fathers House. There’s a tremendous increase of autism in society today. God has shown us some keys to the situation. Keys concerning what was going on for the child when it was in the womb, what the birth process was like, what the relationship with the parents were like and generational issues that were passed down. We pray prayers to rebuild the DNA, prayers to reverse any negative affect, prayers to strengthen the fragile. God has told us that nutrition is extremely important for autism, along with hand eye coordination and prayer. We believe The Fathers House will be a centre where we will see many miracles in children.



Sam came to us with Autism. We prayed for Sam and his parents and he walked out with a piece of paper having written his name on it. He now goes to a normal school in a normal class. Every time Sam’s parents declare his healing, he gets healed a little more!



We prayed for David who had dyspraxia. When we prayed for him he couldn’t speak and in the worship he started to dance. We prayed for him and in the spirit we could see that inside – his spirit was facing backwards and we said turn around and face the front and his spirit turned around and face the front. David went to his speech therapist the next week and he began to speak sentences. They said he could start school the next year and now he’s in the 95 percentile in High school! Praise Jesus.