Who We Are


Who We Are

The Fathers House has a prophetic edge and we see many miracles. Whilst embracing a firm biblical foundation we believe the book of Acts is for today. We believe the book of Acts is alive and the gifts of the spirit are for today. We operate and encourage people to hear God’s voice and receive the gifts of the spirit. For some we are a church, for some we are an addition to their traditional church life and to some we are a ministry. A big part of what we do is teaching people how to walk in the prophetic and pray for healing and miracles. We expect to see them and we do. Jesus said we would do greater works and we emphasize the greater works. We believe it. We see it. We do it. We are fully a church – we are also fully a ministry. Two rivers running alongside one another.


“What defines Church? – Church is Pilgrims on a journey together.” Stephen Clarke.


We would see our cause to be beyond that to broken-hearted people everywhere. We are open to participate in anything in the community. If someone joins TFH they join a family and all families have dysfunctional members so its not like someone comes and 3 months later they’re out because they haven’t measured up, we will always be encouraging people because we really believe that everyone can look after someone. We actively search wherever we go for people who feel called to really help others who are suffering. Its taken 16 years and now we have a team of 50 people who give up a week of their life three times a year.


Often people find it difficult when they come to understand how The Fathers House operates. The model we operate under is a model that’s evolving because God told us that he was taking us on a prophetic journey, because we are a part of a church that’s transitioning.


Mothers and Fathers in Christ

The end of the book of Malachi 3 says that the Lord will send the spirit of Elijah to the earth and turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. The Fathers House believes we are ministering to a generation of fatherless people. Mothers and Fathers in Christ is a structure made up of mature mothers and fathers of Christ with lots of life experience that look after the pastoral needs of The Fathers House. They meet once a week in worship to seek strength and unity amongst the team.



The Fathers House receive communion together weekly as we do this in memory of Him!!