“While you extend your hand to heal, and signs and wonders take place
through the name of your Holy servant Jesus.” Acts 4:30


The Father’s House has developed a program that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit and tested in the crucible of life. Many people carry unmet needs, unhealed hurts and unresolved issues. These challenges often remain ignored or are just ‘put up with’. The “Restore” week is a program currently run from the Fathers House premise.
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God told us we were to build a church like a lounge room. Expect to experience exuberant praise and a sense of Gods presence. You will see the spiritual gifts in operation, inspirational preaching and an opportunity for personal prayer.
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We are looking for the sound of Heaven and the sound that brings Heaven. Worship is at the very heart of The Father’s House – it all comes from our corporate worship and our individual worship. Several times God has asked us to seek the sound of Heaven. The Bible says many times to “sing to the Lord a new song”.
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2-0_button_4_saturdayteachingdaysTeaching Days
Generally, on the first Saturday of every month, The Fathers House hold teaching and prophetic impartation covering a range of topics. These are excellent days for growing and getting equipped in the healing ministry.
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“And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive” Matthew 21:22 The Fathers House have a free prayer ministry where anyone can come for prayer for physical, emotional or spiritual needs.
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2-0_button_5_prayerHealing Children
This wasn’t something we sought, it all started when we prayed for a boy who was brain damaged after having drowned and God healed him. That was the beginning of the connection we have with children. They come and look at Stephen and they lock eyes. They don’t take their eyes off his eyes they see the stillness of God in him.
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“Your testimonies also are my delight; they are my counsellors.” Psalm 119:24