2nd May 2013


Once again we had a wonderful, fruitful, exciting time at Restore in April 2013. Listen and be encouraged by these stories of God working in people’s inner lives.


“Coming to Restore has been a deeply cathartic experience for me. I did not realise how heavy I felt from all that life had thrown at me. I was able to forgive the abuse from my childhood and it has given me freedom. I feel I am standing straighter and stronger. I feel rested. I don’t think there is anyone, no matter how old, who would not benefit from Restore in a huge way. I thank the Lord and The Father’s House a million times over.” Trish


“God has blessed me this week. He has cleaned the cupboards out and replaced with His forgiveness, a new heart and mind – the old has been taken away and I don’t want them back. He also has opened a social door that I had closed for many years, and through the people this week He has shown Himself.” Tim